You inspire us to change medicine. Across the country, people are discovering the possibilities of medical marijuana. Living better is just as important as living longer. Curaleaf helps you restore essential aspects of your true self by delivering the highest standards of cannabinoid therapies in a compassionate and knowledgeable environment.

The Curaleaf Mission

Curaleaf is dedicated to deliver an exceptional patient and caregiver experience through:

Compassionate, professional care in a respectful and nurturing environment.
Safe, consistent, and reliable cannabis products using proprietary processes.
Industry-leading, educational resources to offer you the best recommendations and choices.
First in class cannabis-based therapeutic solutions and facilities.

How can Curaleaf help me?

In addition to convenient dispensaries and safe, effective products we offer personalized support with patient eligibility and guidance on obtaining the best solution for you.

How can Curaleaf help my patients?

We offer a dedicated Physician Support team to help you become an ordering registered physician or discuss the multiple therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

The Curaleaf Difference

First and foremost, Curaleaf offers compassion and understanding for your medical condition, and total support for the courage you show in fighting for a better life. We’re here to help patients and caregivers by providing:

Local Dispensaries

Local, licensed retail dispensaries and mobile delivery service to fulfill orders from your qualified registered practitioner.

Safe & Legal Medication

A range of safe, legal, full-strength, and medical marijuana products made using the industry’s cleanest, most medically precise extraction and purification methods.

Registered Practitioners

Assistance with patient eligibility and help connecting you to the right registered practitioner.

Step-by-step Guidance

Step-by-step guidance on how to obtain your medical marijuana products.

Patient Support

Patient support and advocacy to expand your access to product options.

Ongoing Research

Ongoing research and development of new products and delivery methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call us at 1(833)-470-5323, we are happy to help

Who can get Medical Marijuana?
  • Only a New York State certified, licensed practitioner (see below) can decide if you qualify for medical marijuana under New York law. Here are the steps you need to take to become a qualified patient of Curaleaf:
    • Schedule an appointment with a registered practitioner who has taken the required training to certification medical marijuana for patients.
    • Your physician will place a certification and recommendation for your use of medical marijuana
    • Once your physician has placed a certification, you may fill your certification with Curaleaf.
How can I become a qualified patient?
What are qualifying conditions for New york?
  • A patient can be certified to use medical marijuana if suffering from one of the following:
    • PTSD
    • Cancer
    • ALS
    • Chronic Pain
    • Epilepsy
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Huntington’s Disease
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Neuropathy
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Spinal Cord Injury with Spasticity
    • Additional qualifying conditions are being considered and added to the program on an on going basis.
How can I find a certified, licensed practitioner?
Do I have to be a resident of New York to obtain a medical Marijuana card?

No, but you must prove either permanent or temporary residency. You can satisfy this requirement by providing the ID number from your New York State Driver’s License or New York State Non-Driver ID Card.

  • If you do not have, or cannot obtain, this information, you must provide a copy of one of the following:
    • A copy of a government-issued identification card that contains your name and New York State address. If you are under the age of eighteen, your parent or legal guardian applying on your behalf (proxy applicant) must submit a copy of his or her state or government-issued identification and a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.
    • A copy of a utility bill or other document showing your residency issued within the previous two months. The document must contain your name and address.
    • A copy of a current lease or similar document showing your residency within New York State.
    • Other documentation as approved by DOH containing sufficient information to show proof of residency in New York State.
  • If you are a non-New York State Resident temporarily residing in New York for the care and treatment of a serious condition, and you have been certified by a practitioner registered in New York State, you must provide documentation showing proof of temporary residence in New York State. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • A copy of a lease, a utility bill, a hospital bill, or other documentation as approved by DOH, which contains sufficient information to show proof of temporary residency in New York State.
I have a medical marijuana card from another State, will that work in New York?
  • No, New York does not have reciprocity with other states.
How can I get my practitioner information about medical marijuana?
What types of medical marijuana does Curaleaf offer?
  • Curaleaf offers a variety of marijuana products including balanced formulations, high-THC and high-CBD formulations.
  • For more information please visit our products page at nystage.curaleaf.com/products/
How can I get more information about Curaleaf?

Curaleaf is licensed to cultivate or distribute medical marijuana  in nine states.

Where can I get more information about dosing recommendations?
  • Dosing is unique to each patient and their condition. Please call us or your practitioner for a consultation or you may visit a Curaleaf dispensary to speak with our pharmacists or patient consultants.
Can I have someone else come pick up my medical marijuana from the dispensary?
  • Yes, you may designate up to two caregivers. All caregivers must be registered by the DOH. You must provide the following information for each designated caregiver:
    • The caregiver’s first and last name
    • The caregiver’s address
    • The caregiver’s date of birth and
    • The caregiver’s NYS ID number (an NYS ID is either a New York State Driver’s License or a New York State Non-Driver ID Card).
I have a card from another state. Will that work in New York?
  • No, New York does not have reciprocity with other states.
I have questions about side effects, dosing, etc., who can I contact?

Please contact our helpful Dispensary Staff for any questions you may have at 1(833)-470-5323

What do I need to bring to the dispensary?
  • Medical Marijuana card.
  • A copy of the certification from your practitioner.
  • A government issued ID, i.e., New York ID, Passport, Military ID etc.
What forms of payment are acceptable?
  • Currently, the only forms of acceptable payment are cash and debit card.
What can I expect from a typical dispensary visit?

Curaleaf dispensaries are wellness centers with pharmacists and consultants standing by to answer your questions.  Our dispensary’s warm, spa-like setting is designed to put you at ease as you sit with our team to answer all of your questions.

Do I need an appointment to visit the dispensary?
  • Not at all! Although it is recommended to schedule an appointment to ensure sufficient consultation time. Walk-ins are welcome.
Does the dispensary offer delivery services to patients?
  • Delivery services are coming soon!
Who is eligible to approve patients for medical marijuana?

Physicians, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants licensed to practice in New York State and who are registered with the NY Department of Health can approve patients for medical marijuana.

Please call us at 1(833)-470-5323 to help find you a practitioner who can approve you or see the See Department of Health link at https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/medical_marijuana/ for more information.

How do I become a registered practitioner for Medical Marijuana in New York State?
  • The Department has approved two-course providers to offer the required four- hour course:
  • Following successful completion of the NYSDOH-approved course, and upon full compliance with the other requirements set forth in 10 NYCRR §1004.1(a), practitioners who wish to register with NYSDOH to certify patients for medical marijuana must follow the below steps:
    • Login to the Health Commerce System.
    • Select “All Applications” from the My Content drop down menu.
    • Click the “M” tab, find the Medical Marijuana Data Management System (MMDMS) application in the list, and click the green and white “+” icon in the “Add/Remove” column to add the MMDMS application.
    • After selecting the MMDMS application, practitioners will be prompted to enter information required to complete the registration process.
    • Any questions regarding the practitioner registration process should be emailed to mmp@health.ny.gov. Physician assistants must complete and email the authorization form below to mmp@health.ny.gov at the time of registration. The supervising physician must also be registered with the program.
Where can I find research on Medical Marijuana?
How can I get more involved in patient outreach and patient education?
  • Curaleaf is dedicated to educating patients on the use and benefits of medical marijuana. Please contact us at 1(833)-470-5323 if you are interested in joining us for a patient education or patient outreach event!.
What is a Caregiver?
  • Designated caregivers with a valid registry identification card may assist the patient with the possession, acquisition, delivery, transfer, transportation and/or administration of approved medical marijuana products.
How can I designate someone as my caregiver?
  • The individual must be designated by the certified patient within the Medical Marijuana Data Management System before the designated caregiver can register with the Department.
    • The designated caregiver must login to https://my.ny.gov/, click the “Health Applications” icon, and then click the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System” link to register.
    • Designated caregivers who do not have an NY.gov account will need to click the “Don’t have an Account?” button to create a personal NY.gov ID first. For step-by-steps instructions on how to create a My.NY.gov account, click here for instructions. For step-by-step instructions on how to register as a caregiver, select the “HELP” link within the Medical Marijuana Data Management System or click here for instructions.
    • Pursuant to the Compassionate Care Act there is a $50 application fee; the Department is currently waiving the $50 fee for all patients and their designated caregivers. Simply select “Bill Me Later” when registering and the application fee will be waived.
    • Once a caregiver’s registration is processed, the Department will mail a registry identification card (ID card) directly to the designated caregiver. Designated caregiver registrations expire when the certification that was issued by the practitioner expires.
    • Designated caregivers obtaining medical marijuana on behalf of their patient(s) must bring their caregiver registry identification card and the patient’s certification to the dispensing facility.
  • Other Important Registration Information:
    • Certified patients and designated caregivers must always carry their registry ID card whenever they possess approved medical marijuana products.
    • Medical marijuana products may not be transported outside of New York State.
    • New York State does not accept certifications or registry ID cards from other states.
    • A certified patient or designated caregiver who has been issued a registry ID card must notify the Medical Marijuana Program of any change in his or her name, address, or if he or she no longer has the serious condition noted on the card within ten (10) business days of such change.
May I designate a facility to be a registered caregiver in New York?
  • A registered medical marijuana patient may designate a facility as his or her designated caregiver. Pursuant to regulation, only the following facilities may be designated as caregivers:
    • A general hospital or residential health care facility operating pursuant to Article 28 of the Public Health Law
    • An adult care facility operating pursuant to Title 2 of Article 7 of the Social Services Law
    • A community mental health residence established pursuant to section 41.44 of the Mental Hygiene Law
    • A hospital operating pursuant to section 7.17 of the Mental Hygiene Law
    • A mental hygiene facility operating pursuant to Article 31 of the Mental Hygiene Law
    • An inpatient or residential treatment program certified pursuant to Article 32 of the Mental Hygiene Law
    • A residential facility for the care and treatment of persons with developmental disabilities operating pursuant to Article 16 of the Mental Hygiene Law
    • A residential treatment facility for children and youth operating pursuant to Article 31 of the Mental Hygiene Law
    • A private or public school
  • Once registered with the Department as a designated caregiver, a facility may assist the patient with the possession, acquisition, delivery, transfer, transportation, and/or administration of approved medical marijuana products.
    • A designated caregiver facility form can be accessed here: Facility Caregiver Designation Form(PDF)
    • The registered patient will complete the first section of the form to designate the facility as a caregiver.
    • An authorized representative from the facility may complete the second section of the form to accept the caregiver designation and register with the Department as a designated caregiver facility for the patient.
    • After the patient and the authorized representative from the facility have completed the form, the form must either: be sent to the Medical Marijuana Program via email to mmp@health.ny.gov or mailed to the following address:
      • New York State Department of Health
        Medical Marijuana Program
        PO BOX 2071,
        Albany, NY 12220.
    • The Department will process the designated caregiver facility registration form and return a copy to the facility confirming registration. The returned copy will serve as the facility’s registry identification card.
    • Once registered as a designated caregiver, the facility may assist the patient with the possession, acquisition, delivery, transfer, transportation, and/or administration of approved medical marijuana products.

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